Why I Closed My Linkedin Account

Let me start by saying that I actually Linkedin as a company. They employ an array of impressive people and they have a business model that actually works (unlike many other companies in the Valley). However, for me as a user, it’s not working out anymore. Here are my reasons, in no particular order:

  • No longer my professional network – As the company grew so did my connections (and I suspect everybody else’s). My network now includes people I really like and respect, either professionally, personally or both. But it is certainly no longer my professional network, which was its original goal. It slowly transformed into yet another social network.
  • Too much overhead – The effort to maintain my Linkedin page became just too much for what it should be. I understand maintaining your experience and education up to date. But connections, groups, skills, endorsements, recommendations, etc? Too much. I know you don’t have to do this but Linkedin does a very good job of passively-aggressively reminding you of your „incomplete profile”.
  • Unclear of value – I am unclear of the value my Linkedin page provides. What exactly does it mean that N people endorse you for a specific skill? I prefer to be judged by my actual work (be it good or bad). For many jobs this is actually easy today: just make your publications, code or whatever you create public. Patents are already public anyway.
  • Simplify – I believe in renouncing or at least reducing unnecessary possessions. This applies to both the real and the virtual worlds.

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